Have an app idea? I can help!

Big or small, fun or serious

From design and animation to development and deployment, I can help you make the right decisions to ensure that the entire process is successful. Along the way, I will provide you with incremental demos so you can see your vision come to life!

Custom mobile games & apps

Skip the middleman

Get to market quicker and cheaper

I take your ideas straight from your head to the device. Why spend the extra time and money on some fancy boutique development house when they are just going to subcontract the work out to someone like me and charge you double?

You probably want to see what I've  made


Important phrases to impress you

Results Driven
Proven Process
Highly Collaborative
Deep Device Integration
Intuitive Ergonomics

Agile Development
Cloud-based Tools
Emerging Media Platforms
Mobile Strategy Support
Core Product Functionality
Responsive Design
Disruptive Technology