A list of just about everything I've made for mobile devices


What You See?

A picture puzzle game that reveals itself one square at a time!

250 picture puzzles that will keep you tapping and guessing for hours. Reveal the picture by tapping squares one at a time.

Can you guess what's in the picture before you run out of taps?

Top Thaaat!

The hottest new gaming experience.

Top Thaaat! is a fun, hilarious game where you compete against friends one-on-one or on teams of up to 5 people. You can also challenge friends through your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

The game a combination of a scavenger hunt and selfies. The only difference is players use photos and short videos to challenge each other.

This work was created under contract for Top Thaaat!, LLC


Fitkey allows you to use your smartphone to check in at your health club. Also, you will receive alerts and motivational reminders to help keep you on track with your fitness goals. With fitkey, getting in for your workout has never been easier!!

This work was created under contract for Fitkey, Inc

Puppy Plays the Classics

The Best Teacher in Town has a Tail! Introduce your child to classical music from a puppy's point of view. In the first of a series, Puppy Plays the Classics, Ollie and his puppy friends take viewers on a fantastic voyage inspired by classical music, all while learning valuable life lessons.

This work was created under contract for Waterman Entertainment

An Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments

Aimed at newcomers to the field of logical reasoning, particularly those who, to borrow a phrase from Pascal, are so made that they understand best through visuals. It contains a small set of common errors in reasoning which are visualized using memorable illustrations that are supplemented with lots of examples.

The hope is that the reader will learn from these pages some of the most common pitfalls in arguments and be able to identify and avoid them in practice.

This work is adapted from:

An Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments by Ali Almossawi, bookofbadarguments.com , 2013 and was shared under a Creative Commons BY-NC license

Brain Jump with Ned the Neuron

Brain Jump with Ned the Neuron was designed by teachers and neuroscientists. The app uses games and stories to teach children that the brain gets stronger when it is challenged. The app is designed to inspire confidence in school and improve both memory and concentration.

This work was created under contract for Kizoom Labs

What You Say?

Why settle for just one word when you can have a whole PHRASE!

Each word puzzle contains four pictures that have a word phrase in common - can you guess the words?

"The Early Bird Gets The Worm."
"Break A Leg."
What You Say? That's an idiom!

Idioms like these are the subject of this charming yet baffling picture puzzle game - What You Say?

Childhood's End

Use your wits and tactics to guide Big Phil along his quest in this engrossing defense game with towers!

Join Big Phil now and help him navigate his adolescence as he fights off the evil teddy bears of his childhood!

Your tactical skills and a little bit of luck, is all Big Phil needs to see him through his teenage years!


Trickle is a puzzle game that you cannot put down!

A marriage of Sudoku and block-dropping that creates a deceptively simple puzzle game that will keep you plinking away for hours. One part zen meditation and one part feverish scoring addiction.

Place numbered drops onto a grid to raise your score while setting up future chain reactions for even higher scores. Learn the gameplay in seconds, and adapt your strategies as you play more games.

The Tale of a Snowflake

A water molecule with a childlike voice narrates her journey from the ocean to the sky and back down to Earth as a snowflake.

Children participate in the process; they move the sun around and cause water to evaporate, move condensed clouds through the sky; and shake snowflakes from clouds.

This work was created under contract for Apptalia

Touch the Thing

TTT (Touch The Thing) turns every object into a fun, interactive artwork. Your children can look at the object, bring the object to life by touching it, learn the name of it, and develop their vocabulary in a creative, fun way never done before.

This work was created under contract for Apptalia

Space Junk

Guide your rocket thru the never-ending cosmos in an effort to collect all of the space junk floating around.

Your scoring multiplier increases for every junked satellite that you pick up, but watch out - it also increases your speed!

Avoid crashing into planets and asteroids and be on the lookout for mind-warping black holes and tricky lost astronauts.


Children will love to learn the alphabet with Tots - a fun, colorful and stimulating set of games for young children.

Four interactive games will teach a child to write letters and numbers, match uppercase letters with their lowercase counterparts and pick out the letters that make up simple three letter words.

Tots will turn your iPad into an entertaining and educational toy for kids. All games have delightful audio and visual rewards upon success.


Norooz is a colorful children's app that uses age-appropriate language and interactive features to explain the official start of the Persian New Year and the many traditions surrounding this festive holiday, which has been celebrated by Iranian people for more than 3,000 years.

This work was created under contract for Apptalia

Little Black Fish

The Little Black Fish is a beautiful story of a courageous little fish, who wants to explore the world and take risks.  See this remarkable story come to life and let your children share the important lessons the little fish learns in this amazing journey.

This work was created under contract for Apptalia

Bowling at Doodle Lanes

Bowling at Doodle Lanes lets you enjoy fun and realistic bowling anytime! The full bowling experience, atmospheric sounds, the ability to customize your bowling ball and much more. Bowling comes to life with colorful graphics, accurate physics and cool sound effects. Enjoy Bowling at Doodle Lanes with your friends as 4 players can hit the lanes at one time.

Magic Hate Ball

Do not trust the Magic Hate Ball!

The Magic Hate Ball cannot tell the future - it will lie to you for its own amusement.

If you ask the Magic Hate Ball a question it will openly mock you.

Please remember that above all else, the Magic Hate Ball is not your friend.

Pixel Idols

A retro-styled side-scrolling space shooter with upgradeable weapons, smart-bombs, missiles and shields.

Collect upgrades and multipliers to keep your score climbing higher.

Fly your ship, see the galaxy, meet your idols - and kill them.

Pixel Broken

Everything falls apart - will you too?

Make all of the pixels broken before you fall apart.
Check your achievements and try again.

Use your trackball/keys/tilt/touch to guide your self-destructive behavior.

Replay. All of this has happened before, and it will all happen again.


An exciting story of how unity makes strength. It is a story of a group of birds, who have to find a solution to a serious problem. They are caught in a trap and each of them is struggling to get out of the net. The tension is rising when one bird suggests that they should focus and find one solution for everyone, and work together to make it happen.

This work was created under contract for Apptalia